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Way back to self-love

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

It is true…I have been unusually quiet over the months of April and May. I needed the time and space to pause, rest, reflect, recalibrate and re-emerge as a better version of myself – a little more stronger, a little more wiser, a little more kinder, a little more patient and gentle in my approach, a little more….of my true soul essence.

If I’m truthful, my personal growth journey was severely challenged during these 2 months as the narrative of my entire existence and belief systems crumbled right before my eyes. Everything that I held dear was taken away from me in an instant and I was left standing all alone, naked and faced with the stark reality in front of me. I was forced to confront my deepest fears at a very primal level – and the reflection in the mirror was pivotal to my continued spiritual growth journey.

Divine timing and total surrender played a significant role in how events unfolded for me – the clock was set in motion and I found the courage and wisdom to truly let go and flow into the unknown.

Without understanding why, how, where, who and when – I was presented with opportunities to trust with an open heart and relinquish my default need to control my narrative; and… leaning into whatever was unfolding for me – the fear, the turmoil and the uncertainty were addressed in such a nurturing, loving, reassuring way that I had no option but to feel completely and utterly encased in love with the absolute knowledge that I was, am and will always be protected by the universe with constant assistance from my spirit guides and angel beings.

I have a long way to go yet…and so much more to learn. For now, I’ve detached myself from the outcome and am taking one step at a time with a heart that is full of love, trust and gratitude for the ability to remain childlike and curious as I lean into living my human experience on a daily basis.

Stay still my beating heart – you have found the way back to self-love.

Stay on course and enjoy the ride! :-)

Get in touch if you feel the call to find your own way back to love through one of our service offerings!

Love, light & blessings,

Vivian Gloria Rose



Such a truthful deep sharing. Blessings upon your journey of love. ⚘🙏


Thank you, Rhosalaria xx


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