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Frequently Asked Questions
  • 5. What is a Tarot Reading?
    Tarot is an ancient tool that has been traditionally used to find insight and develop your intuition. Many have used tarot readings to find meaning and new perspectives on work, relationships, love and life's other great mysteries. Each tarot card taps into the language of the human unconscious - representing a universal theme that occurs in all our lives; joy, struggle, overcoming, and more. Tarot readings can help you dive into your own personal psyche, and allow the spring of inner knowledge to flow to you.
  • 2. What is Pellowah Energy Healing?
    Pellowah is an angelic word meaning ‘Radical Shift in Consciousness’. Pellowah is pure source energy, a direct transmission of the Light. Pellowah energy works with the higher consciousness of the recipient to bring about the “shift” required and that specific time. Pellowah is simple, yet powerful and effective; and is suitable for everyone to receive as an attunement.
  • 4. What is a Soul Guidance Reading?
    A soul guidance reading is not a psychic reading. It is free from attachments to outcome - for within the Soul there is no time, past or future; only the present moment. A soul reading helps illuminate what are to know by helping us in understanding that which "appears" broken, unknown, un-healed whilst also helping us to celebrate and embrace the love and perfection of who we truly are. From a soul perspective, nothing is ever broken, we able to access to Akasha in this dimension to help us come into full wisdom, vision and alignment of our soul, to help us move through that which we see as a challenge and to understand our soul purpose.
  • 1. What is Intuitive Coaching?
    Intuitive coaching supports your understanding of the principle that you are whole and complete and unlocks access to your inner resources to guide you on your life’s journey. At Alma Oasis, you will benefit from a tailored approach designed to help you at whatever stage of life you’re at. So, whether you are considering intuitive coaching because you’re feeling lost or stuck, or if you’re not sure where you are headed, or are feeling restless for no real reason, intuitive coaching will help you step into your light and find the right answers to move forward with true purpose.
  • 7. What is "virtual/distance" healing? Does it really work?
    We are all made up of energy. Our human understanding, at this point in time, is limited to a three-dimensional experience of energy. It is ONLY our human mind that seeks 'proof' that we're receiving something tangible and may feel more comfortable with an 'in-person' energy healing session. All energy-work is just as effective whether done 'in person' or via 'virtual/distance healing' because it is not bound by the confines of time and space. Just as in an 'in-person' setting; in a 'virtual/distance healing' setting, the practitioner follows the exact same principles to channel the energy. It definitely works!
  • 8. Does energy healing involve touch/physical contact?
    No, there is no physical contact needed with intuitive coaching and energy healing sessions. This is why distance sessions are as effective as 'in-person' sessions Sometimes, an 'in-person' coaching or healing session can end with a client falling asleep due to being in a very relaxed state of mind - in such a case, the practitioner will place a hand on the client's shoulder, applying firm yet gentle pressure, to allow the client to know that the healing session has ended inviting the client to wake up.
  • 9. How many intuitive coaching sessions and/or energy healing sessions will I need?
    This is really down to individual client needs. Some benefit from a single session; others may need more than one. In most cases, clients intuitively know whether they need one session or a combination of several sessions of coaching and healing. After all, everyone is different!
  • 3. What is Prograna Energy Healing?
    Prograna is a ‘homecoming to one’s true self’ and translates to ‘The Light’ (Pro = The; Grana = Light). Prograna healing facilitates you to receive an imprinting of cosmic language that is divinely instructed to assist you in awakening you to your most evolved self. Prograna links you to expanded levels of consciousness. Prograna is suitable for everyone to receive as an attunement.
  • 6. What is Angelic Reiki Healing?
    It is a tranquil and powerful healing modality that works at a Soul level, with the highest energies, love and wisdom of the angelic realm, treating the root cause of any condition, bringing about healing and balance on all levels promoting very deep healing. Healing with Angelic Reiki is suitable for everyone, adults, babies, children.
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