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Services We Offer

At Alma Oasis, we recognise that every individual is unique.

With this in mind, you are encouraged to book a service that you are drawn to.

All services are available in-person, through phone/video calls and virtual/distance healing.

1:1 Intuitive Coaching & Mentoring

Personalised support to realise your dreams using intuitive methods based on fostering a deep connection with your true self

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1:1 Pellowah Energy Healing

Increase your capacity for positive change, gain clarity and direction through a radical shift in your consciousness

1:1 Prograna Energy Healing

Step into your light; become the conduit for all that you will ever need, find your way home to your most evolved self

1:1 Soul Guidance Reading

Personalised Soul level reading channelled from the Akasha providing pure, loving guidance from a deep connection to Source

1:1 Tarot Readings

Personalised insights that will support you to find meaning and new perspectives on any area of your life that can benefit from clarity and a nudge in the right direction

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1:1 Angelic Reiki Healing

Tranquil, powerful healing modality that works at a Soul level, with the highest Angel energies, treating the root cause of any condition promoting very deep healing.

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