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About Me
Vivian Gloria Rose

Light-worker (healer, teacher, intuitive coach, tarot reader, soul medium, writer, artist)

An ordinary person doing extraordinary work

Ever since I can remember, the need to nurture was strong within me. Born as the eldest daughter in a working-class family of Asian background, the expectations of society and family were huge and heavy. As the first grandchild in the family on both my mother’s and father’s side, there was disappointment when I was born female and was not the much-anticipated male-child to carry on the family name. My sister followed soon after; and I was automatically given the responsibility of “mini-mum” to my sister, who was only 1.5 years younger than me; this role was further cemented upon the arrival of my youngest sister 12 years later. I subconsciously accepted & assumed my role in this world as 'eldest daughter', 'older sister' and focussed on finding ways to 'earn' my father's approval as 'worthy of being alive' despite being the unwanted female-child.

In a nutshell, throughout my life I spent all my energy trying to be the perfect daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt, godmother and all the other labels I associated with - friend, cook, baker, homemaker, working mum, cleaner, gardener, chauffeur. As a consequence, despite getting good grades at school and university, I chose to take on 'support' roles because I didn't believe I had the capacity to be anything other than a decorative prop showcasing someone else’s talents whilst I firmly stayed backstage. Even though I naturally gravitated towards art in various shapes and forms; I believed that I wasn't worthy of choosing to follow my heart and as a consequence, unconsciously ended up making career choices that met the approval of “others”. i.e. my parents, my family, society as a whole (especially considering my Asian background where there is a lot of social stigma attached to anything that is not considered a traditional white collar job).

On the surface, I worked very hard to be 'worthy and accepted' by securing a 9-5 job, a husband, a mortgage, 2 children, a dog, a car and could afford a summer holiday. The deception was perfect - except on the inside, I still felt unworthy of being loved or even being alive.

The inherent desire to please others had become a pre-requisite to feeling worthy of existing, being accepted and feeling truly loved – it had underpinned my entire existence….!


It took hitting rock bottom to begin the process of real transformation - I lost my job, my marriage was floundering, I was struggling to keep up with mortgage payments/bills, my ability to look after my young children was impacted, I was having suicidal thoughts and I was suffering from severe depression.

It was during this dark phase (latter half of 2018) that I stumbled across Pellowah - which, I now realise, was the Universe's way of giving me what I needed exactly when I needed it.


Having had no prior knowledge or understanding of energy healing modalities I was initially very sceptical of something I could not see, feel or touch. I felt like a fool paying well-earned money for a “distance” energy healing; where all it appeared I had to do was lie down and fall asleep.


However, in the days that ensued after my first healing session - elements of my life starting coming together in a seamless flow and I started to become aware of a certain clarity & synchronicity that allowed me to work out what I needed to do next to move forward. Subtle yet profound changes were gently incorporated into my life enabling me to pick myself up, shed unwanted baggage and begin moving towards following my heart.

Before I knew it, I found myself progressing from receiving regular Pellowah healing sessions to training to become a Level I/Level II Pellowah Practitioner in October 2020. This was the catalyst that led me to completing the Natural Success curriculum and attaining Mastery accreditation in September 2021. By the end of 2022, I was trained and accredited as a Level III Pellowah Teacher.  At the same time, I was guided to equip myself to become a Prograna healing practitioner; and in parallel I also got accredited as a Soul Guidance Reader , an Angelic Reiki practitioner and a Tarot reader.


Working with intuition and energy healing modalities has, is and will always be an honour and a privilege; the energies I work with are amazingly beautiful and very intelligent - giving you just enough for whatever you need to get to the next step. It resonated for me at the deepest level and has culminated into me finally understanding and accepting my role as a ‘Light-Worker’ – bringing light to others through my unique blend of service offerings to spread the ‘magic’.

It is with this knowledge that I was inspired to create Alma Oasis. Alma means 'nurturing' in Latin; and Oasis means 'refreshing refuge'.


At Alma Oasis, I provide you with a safe place to pause and rest, reflect and remember, replenish and re-energise empowering you with everything you need to resume your own journey of stepping into your light. This can take the shape of coaching and/or healing sessions, tailored to suit your lifestyle and needs.

If you feel drawn to this offering, please get in touch and I would love to have the opportunity to be of service.

Love, light & blessings.


Vivian Gloria Rose

London, United Kingdom

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