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The myth about carrying heavy burdens

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Most of us are led to believe that life is a struggle; we have to work hard and overcome difficulties. Pain is inevitable. This belief is further cemented by glorifying the notion of ‘carrying one’s cross’ – where sacrifice and a sense of martyrdom is lauded and encouraged.

This is a myth – let me tell you why.

No other living species subscribe to this idea – it is a notion unique to humankind. Every other living being simply exists and lives life to the fullest one day at a time. We, as humans, are conditioned to believe that ‘we have to struggle to survive on this earth’ from the moment we come into existence.

The social structures that we have created perpetuate this incorrect belief. We are obsessed with defining ‘the way’ to live a happy and successful life; and controlling anything or anyone that doesn’t fit within our limited definitions. We put "rags-to-riches" stories on a pedestal and showcase these as shining examples to aspire towards.

We, humans, have an insatiable desire to be loved and to belong – because we do not believe we are whole. Therefore, it follows reason, that we have to be or do things that will plug the gap of not being loved, not belonging, not being enough, not being capable, not having capacity and not trusting.

As a society, communities come together when there are shared experiences of pain, suffering, loss, struggle, strife; and the sense of belonging intensifies when challenges are overcome, hope prevails and love triumphs. It’s why we all love underdog stories – it resonates for us at a very deep level.

Perversely though, in doing so, we unconsciously condition ourselves to seek struggle to be accepted & loved. We genuinely believe that the bigger and heavier our cross, the greater our reward will be. It is instilled in us that accepting pain & suffering is the ultimate sacrifice that will put us on the path to being truly worthy of love and acceptance.

But what if we are already whole & complete and worth of being truly loved and accepted?

Then, the whole structure and foundation of human belief systems crumble into pieces. If we can believe that we are worthy, we are loved just as we are, we are enough, we belong, we can trust others – then suddenly, the need to endure pain and suffering dissipates.

We no longer have to carry huge, heavy burdens and crosses like badges of honour in everything we do and everywhere we go. We can shed all the baggage that we have carried all our lives and learn how to practice self-love and live everyday with joy in our hearts….because, in truth, that is the only way we can step into the light and truly embrace our own individual sovereignty.

At Alma Oasis, we support you in this journey of self-discovery and growth through our range of offerings.

Get in touch if you want to take the first steps towards stepping into your light.

Love, light & blessings,

Vivian Gloria Rose

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Jul 19, 2023

So beautifully articulated....Thank you!!!

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