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Stepping into the unknown

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Stepping into the unknown is always daunting as it gets us outside our comfort zone. Ever considered how trying new things is really the only way to move forward to bigger and better things?

If you never took a chance, you’d miss out on the opportunities being sent your way. Fear is what holds us back - fear of messing up…..fear of not living up to our expectations…fear of letting others down…fear of failure….fear of being laughed at.

What drives this fear though?

In reality, our fear is fuelled by the incorrect human belief system that we are incomplete - we are not good enough…we are not worthy….we are not capable….we are not loved…we don’t belong. This fundamentally flawed thinking perpetuates our fear and conviction that we HAVE to “survive” to even stand a chance; sending us into an unending loop of constantly operating from a place of lack.

The truth is our perception – if we choose to trust in the abundance of the universe, then leaning into the unknown becomes joyful because you adopt a childlike wonder of constant curiosity that is not tempered by fear. And that’s when the true magic begins.

We all need a little bit of help to get our perception re-programmed to set us on the path where we can truly step into our light. Cue Alma Oasis services – choose one that you are drawn to and get started on stepping into the unknown!

Love, light & blessings,

Vivian Gloria Rose


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