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Choosing self-love

After months of silence, today I feel called to draw your attention to choosing self-love. In choosing to not put myself under pressure of blogging or posting social media updates, I gave myself permission to juggle one less ball whilst I navigated through the shock and turmoil of my marriage failing after 20 years.

The last few months have been fraught with all kinds of thoughts and feelings but the one that stands out the most is the feeling of how blessed I am to recognise that the universe is benevolent and is constantly giving me everything I need to get through every challenge one day at a time. There is such an immense power in surrendering to the Divine and allowing yourself to be guided through difficult and challenging times.

We, as humans, constantly crave control over our environment and surroundings. Giving up control is scary; but true growth only happens when you allow yourself to step outside your comfort zone. At every step of the way, every time I felt all was lost I was gently nudged into taking a small step forward with help provided to me in various guises – earth angels, guardian angels, soul family members, flashes of intuition, gut instinct, a deep knowing, signs in the form of numbers or codewords, just to name a few. The key is to stay open to see, accept and understand the guidance being given to you in different ways. We have been conditioned to tune out of our in-built natural radar that keeps us connected to everything; we owe it to ourselves to remember how to stay connected at all times.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt recently is the power of stillness. We are constantly encouraged to ‘do’ things and strive towards a goal/milestone; when actually simply being still can yield equally powerful results. It is during still moments that you find ways to cultivate a relationship with yourself; which, in itself, is a form of self-love and self-care. Coming to terms with dark aspects of yourself is how you heal your inner wounding, thereby freeing your current self from old, outdated chains of the past. This can take time especially if there are several layers of wounding that need to be healed. However, it is always worth remembering to be gentle & kind with yourself and that your journey is yours alone and not a competitive race – it will take as long as it takes. The next step is then to find the courage to open your heart to love without any reservation or condition; because ultimately this is what we all truly desire – to love and to be loved unconditionally.

Beware of the pitfalls that tempt you to revert back to your old ways of building high walls to protect your heart; love doesn’t limit or restrict – it flows and expands the more you love freely and openly. Being in a state of gratitude and love propels you forward and opens up opportunities that were previously not available to you. Choose to love and see how it gets reciprocated in abundance. Ultimately, that’s the real choice we all have to make.

I truly have no idea how things are going to pan out for me but I trust the Divine plan completely. I am being shown the way; all I need to do is turn up with joy and gratitude in my heart for understanding that I’m never alone, the universe has got my back!

Love, light & blessings,

Vivian Gloria Rose


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